Dee Jemil Remedial Massage Therapy in North London

Training, Experience and Background Information

Dee Jemil
Itec, AOR, Dip

I began my career as a Massage Therapist in the early 1990's when I joined the team with Holmes Place (which was later replaced by Virgin Active). Due to the nature of the business and the unique demands placed on me by clients, my practice developed to include an ever increasing range of muscular skeletal and neuromuscular conditions. The spectrum for treatments over the years has been vast and has not only included the common place disorders such as muscular stiffness and sporting injuries, but also those of a more complex nature (such as Fibromyalgia, Spondylitis, post-stroke disorders, disc degeneration, post-cancer and much much more). As a result of my very unique therapist journey, I went in search of some very unique treatments to develop my skill set and finally settled on Neuroskeletal Training and Remedial Massage. I qualified with a post-graduate certificate in Remedial Massage from Morley College in 1995 to add to my then already existing portfolio of more common placed treatments offered.

Today the treatments I offer are mainly for those that would benefit from a combination of remedial techniques, which include both deep and soft tissue work, pressure point work, muscular time release, lymph drainage and neuroskeletal-realignment. Over the years my practice has taken a more intuitive perspective and I have learnt to treat by relying very much on what my hands tell me when I first touch a clients body. This might include inflammation around muscles and joints, numbness where nerve pathways have been impaired, a build-up of fluid under the skin or possibly the opposite where the skin is dehydrated and discoloured.

Remedial Massage can support a vast range of common and complex muscular skeletal disorders, this might include a sniff, back neck and shoulders induced by stress or bad posture or something of a more serious nature such as on going support for Lymphoma.

In most instances, clients will report a reduction in symptoms and an overall sense of well-being. However, Remedial Massage is not a cure and with those disorders of a more chronic nature, I can give no assurance of success as everyone's response system is different. I would therefore recommend you contact me to discuss any concerns prior to booking an appointment.

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