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Dee Jemil
Itec, AOR, Dip

"I can highly recommend massages provided by Dee. She is professional and friendly and right from the start I was confident in her expertise. I particularly appreciated the time she devoted to assessing factors that could affect and influence the therapy including life-style, health and fitness questions that I haven't often been asked but which I can see have a direct impact.
The massage itself is exactly what I want in a massage, a thorough and comprehensive deep tissue massage which focused on a long term back condition. Dee's vast experience in this field means she explained the muscle structure and treatment and draws my attention to underlying issues that could be contributing to my condition. Since having regular massages I feel on top of the world, I feel taller and it makes me feel better within myself. I can stand up straighter with no back problems. Any aches and pains I may have disappear. I feels more supple, so much more relaxed and have a fantastic nights sleep following these massages. Dee is absolutely fantastic and has such a great manner that makes you feel at ease right from the first massage. I also book a month in advance as she is always booked out each weekend."

Bella P. (West Hampstead)

"We've been fortunate enough to have visited some of the best spa's in the world, taken full advantage of the 'spa experience' and had treatments from some great therapists, but it's without exaggeration that I can truly say that Dee gives the best massage.

Both my husband and I have had a series of back ailments, for a number of years. Mine is a result of 2 pregnancies very close together and my husbands an old sports injury, nothing has really helped.

Dee has been visiting our home for about 3 years, mostly we ask her to visit on a sunday evening, which in itself is deliciously decadent. She arrives, always smiling, armed with her tools, her very comfy bed, a heap of towels and her box of alchemy, from which she mixes up a concoction of oils which perfectly compliment your mood for the day.

Dee has a great technique, she knows exactly which muscles to work and she works them with just the right amount of pressure for you to feel a significant difference. She's hugely knowledgeable about alternative therapies and will advice you what else you could be doing to further improve your situation. Her reflexology, something I always like to end my session with, is amazing!

Long after Dee leaves, I'm still feeling light and fantastic. I couldn't recommend Dee and her magic hands highly enough."

Muniza & Haroon (West Hampstead)

"I have a persistent shoulder problem caused by spending the last 15 years in a desk job. Dee's energy in finding the offending knots and massaging deep into the muscle tissue is invaluable in keeping me going and enabling me to carry on an active lifestyle. Keep up the good work Dee!"
Anne B. (West Hampstead)

"Dee has been treating me regularly for a number of years.
I would not return to her if I did not find the effects of her treatments beneficial and long lasting.
She is constantly updating her skills and knowledge with travel and training, and seems to have very little ‘personal baggage.’
She keeps herself refreshed and up to date, and is a lovely practitioner, both competent and confident.
She shows great understanding and support beyond physical therapy, and brings empathy and calm to every massage session.
She has my full support, and I have no hesitation in recommending Dee as a practitioner.
Only that she might become world renowned, and become too busy to treat one of her most devoted clients= me.
Thanks, Dee."

Jean B. (Cricklewood)

"I never expected to associate a sense of physical and spiritual well-being with the north-west London district of Cricklewood, but since starting to visit Dee there on a regular basis I find I now do.

Dee is an extremely accomplished masseur who is genuinely passionate about her craft. Over a period of many years she has become expert in a wide variety of massage techniques, and is continually seeking to extend them and to apply them individually to those who come to see her.

She works with rhythm and feeling, combining experience and innovation, from the soothing rubbing in of aromatic oils to (if requested) firmer deep-pressure strokes on targeted areas. She is happy to talk (and more importantly to listen). She is also happy to respect a need for silence.

Dee is one of life’s healers. That’s why I keep going back."

Adrian B. (West Hampstead)

"I searched long and hard to find a masseuse who had the two-fold quality of being able to provide the right pressure and ensure a deep tissue massage. I was delighted to find Dee who is very professional and extraordinarily talented; being able to manipulate the muscle groups and break down the knots. The results of a massage from Dee ensures movement and posture are restored and I am relaxed and able to continue with sports and busy daily life.
The fact that I have returned to her on a regular basis for over three years speaks for itself! I cannot recommend her highly enough and am happy to give a verbal reference should it be required."

Leslie A – Hertfordshire.

"After a pretty healthy life I was suddenly at 62 struck down with Fibromyalgia and my mobility was reduced by 50%. Nothing that the N.H.S had to offer seemed to help and then I met Dee. She used her training and intuition to identify particular muscle groups that were in constant spasm and worked to stretch and relax them. Slowly over a year later my mobility is 80% back to normal. Dee stuck with it when everyone else was telling me to “live with it” and I’m sure in time my mobility will be back to normal. Thank you Dee for your perseverance!"
Kathy M.

"Dee is a skillful and experienced masseuse with a natural gift for healing. When my energy levels are low, she can lift them. When my muscles are sore she soothes them, when I feel stressed she helps me to relax and unwind. Whatever my state of body and mind, Dee has the ability and sensitivity to give me the boost I need to go back into the world, happier, stronger and calmer than when I arrived."
Debbie B.

"Dee has been a wonderful reflexologist for me for many years, I can truly recommend her. Over the years I have been to many, but never to someone as in-tune with my body as her. Her attention to detail and her help with every lump and bump has certainly ensured that I feel fitter and healthier and able to cope with a fairly stressful life.

She has also worked in my company Theme Traders as an on-site masseur at events and we have always had excellent reports back about her amiable character and excellent massages."

Kim E.

"I have known Dee for couple of years as my massage therapist. Dee has helped me in my well being through her massage techniques.

Dee does a first class job. Dee is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with me. Her communication skills are excellent.

In summary, I highly recommend Dee as a massage therapist. A life healer."

Raj S

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